The adoption home study is required by law in each state in the US.  The study is conducted by a licensed social worker who has education and training in family relations, psychology and assessment.  To conduct private home studies in Arkansas, the social worker must have a Masters degree and hold an LCSW license. 

Interviews: ​ Most home studies can be accomplished in a series of 4 interviews often done in two "90 minute" sessions. The purpose of the first interview is to develop a sense of history of a couple's life together and their motivations for adoption.  Discussion is about the events that led up to the couple seeking adoption and the couple's personal experience of these events.  A history of the couple's story together and dynamics of their relationship is also discussed at this interview​. Next are interviews each individual adult in the home to get an idea of their early family life and development. (culture, values, conflict, attachment and loss)​. The fourth, and typically last interview is a time to reflect on how adoption will impact the family, how the child will learn of the adoption and how having an adopted child will enrich and challenge the family. 

 Background Checks:​ All adoption home studies are a combination of self report, interviewer observation and collection of information from several third party sources.  These are formal, as in physician's medical reports, criminal and child protective services registry reports and employment verification and informal (letters of personal reference). 

Report: ​ Based on all of the information collected, I will compose a 9-12 page report on the family that your attorney will present to the court.  Since you are hiring me to  complete this report, you have a right to preview it and ask questions about it's content before I release it to your attorney.  No information is released from my office without your consent.  I also provide Adoption Home Study reports to Agencies. 

Post Placement Supervision:  
Some courts require post-placement monitoring and reporting.  I am happy to continue working with you to discuss your development as a new parent of an adopted child and report this to your agency, attorney, or court as required. 

Note: I provide adoption studies and post-placement visits/reports.   I do not provide adoption placement services.  I work with many local attorneys and agencies who are licensed to place children. 
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